Several years ago, what started as a homegrown bakery blossomed into what we lovingly call The Flour Barn. This little building, situated on the farm where we grew up, has become a favorite retreat where we can bake and create, experiment and share. We can't wait to be a part of your wedding, baby shower, anniversary, or any occasion that pairs perfectly with something sweet. I have been designing cakes for ten years and whether I'm meeting with a newly engaged couple or building their cake at the venue, there is something about wedding cake that never ceases to be exciting. We can't wait to meet you and talk cake (or pie, or cookies, or   cheesecake :)!



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Sharing food with others is one of the things we all love to do.  Whether it's taking a pie to Thanksgiving dinner, placing a loaf of fresh bread on the table for your family, or sharing a dessert buffet with all the guests of yours or your child's wedding reception, sharing food brings us all joy.  Love isn't a spice you can see, but it's certainly one you can feel, so whether you get it from us or learn to make it yourself, don't forget that love is the most important part of it.